About UBC

Utility Billing Consultants (UBC) utilizes the founder's 15 years of asset management and operations experience with national apartment companies to provide apartment owner clients with comprehensive resident utility billing and expense recovery services. This service is expertly designed and implemented by UBC to increase the client's profits, save time, reduce record keeping, and encourage resource conservation by its residents.


Utility Billing Consultants has both owner and management company point of views and understands the importance of timely reimbursement of utility expenses. While serving in-house for a national apartment owner/operator with over 22,000 units, UBC's founder, grew frustrated with the existing billing companies' lack of urgency and motivation to deliver bills and collect payments in a timely manner. Knowing there had to be a better method, UBC's founder developed an in-house utility expense billing program and then expanded that experience to form UBC. UBC prides itself in providing timely services and uses on-site personnel to collect utility reimbursements with rent at the property, resulting in dramatic increases in utility expense collections.

Additionally, UBC understands the importance of customer service and works with the client's staff to make sure that residents receive exceptional service. All questions are answered in a timely manner with helpful, knowledgeable and friendly representatives. UBC's customer service representatives have been on-site, used UBC's service, and are capable of answering client's questions.

UBC's service allows management personnel more time to focus on leasing units, handling daily problems and issues, and working with current and prospective residents. Let UBC do the work of recouping the utility charges